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When I first bought a pickup camper in 2004 I knew from many years of motorcaravanning that I was joining a very small band of travellers. Despite their apparent advantages demountable campers have never been as popular in the U.K. as other kinds of motorcaravan. Even so, I figured there must have been lots of people before me who had discovered answers to questions, invented solutions to problems, thought up ideas for improvements, and so on, and who would be enthusiastically collecting and sharing this experience and knowledge in a website or through a forum. But if such a site or forum existed I couldn't find it! However, in the process of looking I did come across all sorts of useful and interesting stuff tucked away all over the internet.

Bringing that all together, in 2007/8, was the beginning of stuff about Demountables (aka s.a.D). All opinions expressed on the site are my own.

The website is maintained and edited by Martin Wiltshire (aka saDgit).

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If you have questions to ask or material to submit, please (If this email link doesn't work, please ensure that you have JavaScript enabled in your web browser.) or you can leave your comments or other messages in the s.a.D guestbook. Thanks.

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