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These are all companies and links that have recently closed or disappeared. If you would like a longer historical perspective, there's a link to on the vintage truck camping americana page or you can read about classic UK demountables.

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2015 - The No Mad Evasion make three standard models and also build custom orders. English language site available. (The No Mad Evasion website is still online and still carries all the information and details of their campers but, after ten years, they have suspended production in 2015, apparently indefinitely - last checked 24/02/15) - English language version of the Cap Lander website. Cap Lander's three-model range of demountables is aimed primarily at LandRover owners but, according to the site, they will produce campers for other vehicles. Although the Cap Lander units are demountable they do not have an integral jacking system and don't look as though they could be used when off the vehicle. (Cap Lander's dedicated website has completely disappeared and its Facebook page hasn't changed for about 18 months now. Presumably the company has gone under. Last checked 23/02/15) - Curiously-named Log-Concept is a manufacturer specialising in aluminium fabrication. Their demountable 'Cube' is, by their own description, half tent / half camper. Now in its third version, 'Cube Evo3', it is very innovative and lightweight if somewhat austere. (Another recent loss from the list of French manufacturers. Campers were only ever a small part of Log-Concept's production. They now seem to be non-existent. Last checked 23/02/15)

2014 - Escape RV manufacture just one demountable, the 'Tubby Ute Camper'. It's a curious beast - sort of part tent, part burger van, and only usable when removed from the pickup. (The website has disappeared and a Google search draws a blank - last checked 16/02/14) - Website of Polar Caravans who manufacture a range of trailer caravans and two demountables - the 'Nanoq' and 'Miki'. The striking resemblance to models in the Easy Camper range is not coincidental. They are all made by S.Karosser AB. (It seems Polar have finally withdrawn from the demountable market. Having dabbled in it for a few years, they appear now to be concentrating exclusively on caravans and motorhomes - last checked 19/01/14). - LogeMobile is back but isn't called LogeMobile any more and isn't made by Polycomposit. Despite that, RB Mobile's models go by exactly the same names as the LogeMobile originals, i.e. 'Mangue' and 'Dynamis', and appear to be identical to them. A welcome return! (What goes around comes around! RB Mobile's brave attempt to maintain production has been short-lived sadly (see '' below in 2010). The company went into liquidation in July 2013 - last checked 12/01/14) - S&S Campers manufacture just one series of campers, the 'Ponderosa'. Health warning: website has loud country music soundtrack! (Site now just has a 'Website Under Construction' notice. S&S Campers last posted something on Facebook in September 2010 - last checked 16/02/14) - Has to be seen to be believed - manufacturer of a demountable camper for Saab hatchback cars! They also make a version for pickups. (Toppola actually suspended production back in 2006 but maintained their website, and the possibility of further production, until recently. Now the website's gone as well although the words "temporarily disabled" suggest, once again, the possibility of a return - last checked 06/02/14)
Stuart Oates' site describing, in words, his Truckamper and offering to build you one, should you wish. Curiously, there are no images at all on the website so it's difficult to know whether the business is an idea or a reality but there may be a clue in the fact that the site has remained unchanged for a very long time. (Still no significant change though the site does now display a message acknowledging that the project is "currently on hold" - last checked 16/02/14)


  East Anglian Horsebox Co. - a specialist manufacturer and converter of horseboxes but they also supply a fairly comprehensive range of coachbuilding materials by mail order. (A sad way to start the New Year, East Anglian Horsebox Co. went into liquidation on the first of January 2013 - last checked 11/01/13) - Piggy Back Campers manufacture a range of backs and accessories for flat-bed pickup trucks (I don't know what's happened to Piggyback Campers; their website has just disappeared - last checked 05/05/13). - ProActiv are primarily manufacturers of expedition vehicles but include demountables within their range. (ProActiv appear to have moved out of the expedition vehicle market altogether and now just offer a range of services for commercial vehicles, e.g. lining, racking etc. - last checked 05/05/13)

 Sidewaulk Camper Hire - Sidewaulk hire out motorhomes and caravans. They also used to hire out demountable campers and pickups, as is reflected in their company logo. From the website it would seem that perhaps they no longer do so but it may be worth asking. (I did, they don't - last checked 06/01/13)

2012 - Originally from Italy, Artica Carcamper specialize exclusively in demountables. Comprehensive details of options and weights. English language site available. (One of Germany's biggest demountable manufacturers, Artica's website has disappeared and a Google search for 'artica' or 'artica camper' draws a blank - last checked 07/12/12) - [M] Neat and compact but perhaps a little spartan, the camper version of Cargobody's pickup box. (The website has disappeared and a Google search for 'cargobody' draws a blank - last checked 02/11/12) - Nomad, who currently just sell Truck Tents for pickup beds and awnings for demountables, are planning a move into full demountable camper manufacture in the spring/summer of 2012. A website to watch for future developments. (Or not! The new demountable never materialised and now the website has disappeared as well - last checked 19/09/12) - [M] Another Californian producer, with a five-model range plus a 'shell-only' option for those with DIY skills. (It's now over a year since Six-Pac first posted a message on its site saying production was temporarily suspended. It seems as though it may have become a permanent state of affairs - last checked 07/12/12) - Pine Mountain truck campers built by Starcraft RV. (Starcraft RV are still in business but are no longer producing truck campers - last checked 28/12/12)

2010 - [M] Nordic make a large range of motorcaravans including one demountable, the Nordic Camper. (Or at least they used to. They still make a large range of motorcaravans but sadly it no longer includes a demountable - last checked 27/11/10) - [M] The Polycomposit company produce the LogeMobile range of demountables and expedition vehicles. Their brochure (downloadable in pdf format) offers an enormous variety of layouts. (Sadly the 'credit crunch' continues to find its victims among demountable manufacturers. Polycomposit, the glass-fibre fabrication company that produced the highly-regarded LogeMobile range has gone into administration - last checked 14/12/10)

2009 - [M] Driftaway produce one model of demountable (they call it a 'glide-on'), the Pardalote, among their range of trailer caravans. Designed for a flat-bed it also has a rising roof. (The Driftaway website now makes no mention of the Pardalote, or of any other model of demountable camper - last checked 21/11/09) - [M][I] Manufacturer of Robo Adventure demountables. They also import the Easy Camper range (badged as Nordstar) from Sweden. (Site appears to load but simply consists of a blank, pale blue page - last checked 12/02/09) - [M] Site of Interior RV Products, manufacturer of SnowRiver and SnowBird campers. (Site unavailable - last checked 11/02/09) - [M] A slightly confusing site (not updated since 2003 so may not be current) for Sun-Lite and Apache campers. (Site unavailable - last checked 12/02/09) - [M] Western Recreational Vehicles, manufacturer of Alpenlite truck campers. (Message on site simply reads "Western Recreational Vehicles is currently closed" - last checked 12/02/09)

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These are links that I've moved from other pages, mostly because they have recently gone dead, presumably because the company or organisation has quit or gone bust. Of course, it may just be that they've shifted their website but, if that is the case, I've not been able to find the new location. I'm reluctant to remove them altogether until I'm sure, so if you're aware of what has happened to them, please let me know.