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Harald Batari make a range of campers, to order, including demountables. Click on 'Reisemobile' and then 'Absetzkabinen' to see examples.
Among Bimobil's large range of vehicles are seven demountable models, all based on their unique "quick-mounting cabin system" which involves conversion of the base vehicle so that the camper and pickup bed become interchangeable. English language site available.
Cruiser-Connection is a specialist supplier of Toyota Landcruiser off-road spares and parts and also the manufacturer of two Landcruiser-based expedition campers one of which, the 'Upuaut 1', is a clam-shell demountable. English language site available.
Exkab (Expedition Kabine) builds (to order only) demountable pop-top campers that it claims fill the gap the austerity of a fully-fledged expedition vehicle and the comfort of a 'cab-over' coachbuilt demountable. English language site available.
Das Fernweh-Mobil, manufactured by Cramer Technik, is an angular, pop-top demountable which the manufacturer claims is suitable for all pickups and expeditions. It appears to have a peculiarly over-engineered mounting/demounting system which you certainly couldn't carry with you.
The Krake Technology Group specialises in plastics technology and has major industrial partners like Siemens and Airbus but, according to their website, they also make a demountable camper, the 'WOKA', with a hard-sided pop-top which they will supply direct. Sadly the only images of it are five, small CAD drawings - there are no photos, not even of a prototype, but the description of it gives the impression that it is a fully-conceived project. Presumably it is only built to order.
Ormocar Reisemobil manufacture all sorts of motorcaravans and expedition vehicles including an enormous range of demountable "cabins for pickups". Units can be made to order for any vehicle and can range from 'shell only' to fully equipped and furnished. English language website available.
German company, Tischer is one of the largest European manufacturers. Their extensive range consists of two lines - the Box models which are of conventional sandwich construction, and the Trail models with glass-fibre moulded roof and overcab. They are exported throughout Europe. English language website available.
Variocab's website is a little short of detailed information regarding layout and construction and the price lists don't apparently exist. That, and the fact that the website is dated 2003, makes me wonder whether this is still a going concern. If you know, perhaps you would contact me?
Wagner - specialists in glass-fibre (GFK) products - produce a range of demountables for all sizes of pickup bed (S-, D- and K-series), including American long-beds (A-series), as well as the C-series for flatbeds. The site is exclusively in German.
Woelcke constructs, to order, an enormous range of vehicles ranging from family-oriented motorcaravans to fully-fledged expedition vehicles. Within that range are various demountable possibilities although, in the case of pickups, most involve conversion of the base vehicle to a flat-bed. Click on 'Off-Road-Mobile' to see a few examples. The site's only in German.
A curious link - Icelandic company Formverk are evidently the manufacturer of the very light-weight 'FiS' pop-top camper but, oddly, there is no mention of it on their website although you will find contact details there. You'll get more idea of its appearance and layout, and you can rent one should you wish, here.

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Pretty much "what it says on the tin" - hopefully this is a comprehensive list of European manufacturers of demountable campers, most of whom sell directly to their customers.

I try to check these links on a fairly regular basis but, if you find dud links or if you are aware of major omissions, please let me know.