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Arkdesign Camper produces a range of motorhomes of all types including one demountable model, the Sahara. The website is only in Italian and is actually very uninformative but, if you click on 'Galleria Fotografica' and then on 'Pickup', you can at least see what the Sahara looks like.
Galluccio is primarily a glass-fibre fabricator but produce, among their range of vehicles, two demountables - the Gall-up, for two- and four-door pickups, and the Gall-up Extreme, a full expedition vehicle. Recently updated site is very fancy but slow to load and is only in Italian. (Incidentally, if you've ever wondered who makes those bizarre kids' rides you see in shopping centres and supermarkets, you should click on 'Kiddie Riders'.)
Modulidea manufactures a variety of demountables but most of their range are GRP pop-tops suitable for expedition use. The English language version (click on the Union Jack) is simply a Google translation and is of limited use.
Manufacturer of the very stylish Musica demountable for the Isuzu pickup. The outside is slick but the inside is extraordinary! It's an example of the design for which Italy is famous and is certainly unique in a demountable. Follow the links through 'Musica' / 'Gallery' / 'Internal'.
Overcar make a variety of campers and motorcaravans including a small range of demountables. Click on 'Produzione' and then 'Cellule abitative'.
Trend Up Campers. Click on 'Gamma' to see the range which includes hard-side and clamshell models. Flags on the website would indicate that it can be viewed in languages other than Italian but, alas, none of them work.
Vacanze in Fuoristrada are not really a manufacturer (in fact they are a hirer and can be found on the demountable camper hire page) but they get a listing here because they also offer for sale their 'Picky', a glass-fibre bodied, pop-top demountable. Although it looks similar to some of the models in the Modulidea range (Are they the actual manufacturer I wonder?), as far as I know the Picky is unique to ViF and is only available from them.
The (partially) English language site of Camperbouw Holland. Manufacturer, to order, of a range of motorhomes, oriented towards off-road and expedition use, including a demountable. Second-hand units are listed, in Dutch, under 'Occasions'.
Lelycampers make a range of motorcaravans to order including demountables. Standard production models are the Runner and the Mini-Runner. You can see details (in Dutch) and pictures if you click on 'Productlijn' and then on the model name. Unfortunately this is another website where the flags indicating the availability of other languages don't work.
The 'Afzetunit' page of Solo's website contains very little information and is only in Dutch but it does, at least, give an idea of what Solo will build to order.
English language site of the extraordinary Tonke Campers. Unlike any other available demountable, they ooze class and romance. Inevitably they also cost serious money!
There is little information on the CamperHit website apart from a notice, in Polish, that their online store is temporarily closed, but they are the manufacturers of the aluminium-framed 'Hump' demountable. Curiously, instead of putting details of it on their own website, CamperHit have put a time-limited listing on eBay in English and German. Despite the fact that it's a very standard looking box on the outside, it has a lot of polished wood inside which deliberately emulates the look and feel of a yacht interior.
Although it seems that Cargo Travel may have been trading for some time, I suspect they are fairly new entrants to the demountable camper market. Their only model so far, the Voyager Mk.1, is an expedition style pop-top, the prototype of which is currently for sale on the site. It's such a precise fit on a Mitsubishi L200 (the only vehicle on which it is photographed) that I wonder how adaptable it is to other pickups. If you click on 'ZABUDOWY CAMPINGOWE' and then click on the drawing of the Voyager you will find a full description and lots of pictures.
Autocaravanas Andrade has apparently been in business since 1946 making a wide range of motorcaravans that currently includes two demountables, the 'Polar 360' for twin-cab pickups and the 'Polar 360S' for extended-cab pickups. It's good to have Portugal represented in this list but sadly the website is not particularly informative.

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Pretty much "what it says on the tin" - hopefully this is a comprehensive list of European manufacturers of demountable campers, most of whom sell directly to their customers.

I try to check these links on a fairly regular basis but, if you find dud links or if you are aware of major omissions, please let me know.