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Slovenian 'BiwakBox' claims to be a "new category of double-cab pickup camper". It's certainly compact and very light but its "rigid tent" approach inevitably means that it tends towards the austere rather than the luxurious. English language website.
Uro-Camper is the demountable camper division of Uro-Cover (a plastics fabrication company producing an enormous range of products for all sorts of industries). Not surprisingly, the camper is in GRP. This new website includes many images and full details in Spanish but you can read about the construction and development of the prototype, in English, by following this thread on the Expedition Portal website.
Truck Camper Europe
Website of Truck Camper Europe, constructors of a range of demountables. Although there are seven different models, they are all aluminium-framed pop-tops and they share a common appearance. The company offers each of them as shell-only, half-furnished or completely fitted.
Camper AB have come up with a stylishly innovative, GRP-bodied demountable - though they obviously ran out of new ideas when it came to choosing the name! From the photos on the website, it appears to be aimed primarily at extended-cab pickups but, presumably, different configurations are available to order. English language version of the site is available - click the Union Jack in the upper, right-hand corner.
Manufacturer of the Easy Camper range of demountables. The range of nine different models is exported throughout Europe under Easy Camper, Nordstar and Leisure Camper badges. English language site available.
Although primarily a boat builder Tollare make a number of other products which exploit their expertise in glass-fibre fabrication. This includes the Tollare Camper 383, an all plastic demountable somewhat reminiscent, in construction and layout, of the Island Plastics 'Suntrekker' which was also built by a boat-building company.
Apollo are the longest-established demountable manufacturer in the UK having produced their first demountable in 1982. Although they build, repair, convert and service motorhomes of all kinds, half of their production is still devoted to demountables.
SBS Enduro Expedition Campers is a new UK-based enterprise in the demountable camper market building for Landrover and Toyota base vehicles primarily, though they do offer a "soft version" (?!) for Ford Ranger and Japanese 4x4 pickups. Units can be ordered from 'shell only', for those wishing to build their own, through to fully-fitted 'Enduro' spec for those looking for an expedition camper.
Rochdale-based Ranger Motorhomes apparently remain in business though the website is now registered under a different name, i.e. Ranger Campers, and it makes no mention of a demountable model.

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Pretty much "what it says on the tin" - hopefully this is a comprehensive list of European manufacturers of demountable campers, most of whom sell directly to their customers.

I try to check these links on a fairly regular basis but, if you find dud links or if you are aware of major omissions, please let me know.