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Sources of information
In addition to these links you might find further information in the blogs of people who have built their own demountable campers. You can find them at self-builders' blogs.

  Build Your Own Motorcaravan - although there is nothing specifically about demountables in it, John Wickersham's 'Build Your Own Motorcaravan', published by Haynes, may offer ideas or inspiration. - a UK website but the bizarrely useless material originates in the USA. These how-to instructions for 'Building Your Own Truck Camper' comprise five simplistic paragraphs. Under 'Additional features' it suggests "You should also consider weatherproofing the camper by adding a rear and front wall". Yeah, it might help! If you want a further laugh, you can find other eHow camper tips on the odds and sods and loading and unloading pages.

  Magleby report - if you're building you're own demountable camper one of the most important issues you must address is how to fix the camper to the pickup so that it can safely withstand all the forces and stresses that it will be subjected to. Although this report by mechanical engineer Spencer Magleby was sponsored by Happijac and, not surprisingly therefore, finds Happijac products to be beyond reproach, it nonetheless explains in detail the nature of the forces that a camper, and its fixings, has to withstand. Ignore the Happijac dimension - it's good information! (You'll need Adobe Reader to read it. If you haven't already got it, you can download it free here .) - this is a link directly to the self-build forum of the Motorhome Facts website. Other parts of the site are also useful. - the Quickup Camper, designed by Jay Baldwin, isn't a demountable at all but, if you were thinking of building your own pop-up version, it might give you some interesting design ideas. - you can find almost anything on the website and forums but this link to the 'Truck Camper University - Tips, Tricks & Projects' part of the site is most likely to be of use to self-builders. Some of the threads are specific to American truck campers but there are many within the long list that have more general application.

  S.B.M.C.C. - the Self Build Motor Caravanners Club website has all sorts of potentially useful information for self-builders although I don't know whether any of its members has built a demountable. It also has a forum offering opportunities to make contact, exchange ideas and sort problems with other builders.

  Travel Vans - John Speed's excellent 'Travel Vans' book does not specifically refer to demountables but contains masses of useful ideas and information for anyone planning to build a camper.

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Details of books, clubs and websites that address themselves to self-builders. The information they offer is not necessarily specific to demountable campers but (in most cases) is, nonetheless, likely to be useful.

As usual, if you find dud links here or if you feel there are major omissions, please let me know.