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added 15/03/2015

 • Gerry Mead's camper - new link on the self-build plans page to Gerry Mead's ebay listing for plans of his camper.

moved 24/02/2015

Turmoil among French manufacturers! Sadly I've had to move three links to the where are they now? page:

 • - hopefully this one will be only a temporary move but these two, I fear, are permanent:
 • - and

added 29/01/2015

 • - Wilco Lensen of Cellule Pickup has been listed on this website for some time as a dealer in second-hand demountables but he now also sells his own brand of new campers. He's listed among the European manufacturers.

added 06/01/2015

 • cartech - Cartech is a French constructor new to the s.a.D website listed, as you might expect, among the European manufacturers.

added 01/01/2015

a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR to all visitors
to the
stuff about Demountables website
Thank you for visiting, please come back throughout 2015.

added 01/01/2015

Three more new links for would-be self-builders in the UK:

 • - Caravan Panels manufacture replacement body panels as well as sinks and shower trays

 • - Eltherington Stockholding can supply aluminium in extrusions and sheets

 • - Morland's fit-out products include lightweight plys and other boards

You can find all of them here.

added 29/12/2014

 • - it's very good to be able to welcome NSR Leisure back from the dead, or at least dormant. NSR is listed among the European dealers, agents and importers here.

added 13/12/2014

Two new links for would-be self-builders:

 • - Magnum Motorhomes claim to be the UK's largest supplier of selfbuild materials

 • - East Coast Fibreglass Supplies could be an essential source of materials and info for self-builders

You can find both of them here.

added 13/12/2014

 • coati - representation from another country that's new to the s.a.D website, this time from Chile. Coati is listed among the manufacturers from Australia and elsewhere here.

added 28/11/2014

 • - the Demountable Camper Group is the newest UK-based forum for demountable owners. It's listed on the forums and clubs page.

added 27/11/2014

 • - it's always exciting to find a demountable manufacturer from a country not previously represented on this website. Pino Karavan is a Turkish company whose link you can find here. They also have a UK agent here.

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