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Online magazines and informative websites - US federal regulations governing the provision and display of information about slide-in camper weights and weight distribution. There's a clear and regrettable contrast between this enforceable consumer protection and the complete absence of the same in Europe. - a list of US and Canadian truck camper manufacturers from the RVAdvice website, the vast majority of which are no longer in production (curiously described as 'orphan'). Offers an interesting historical perspective with an unmistakeable trend (continuing in the current financial climate) from many, small builders towards few, large ones. - website of the RV Consumers Group, an influential non-profit organisation which has been campaigning for improvements in RV construction and safety for more than 20 years. It produces detailed and comprehensive ratings of virtually every RV, including truck campers built in the US since 2000. - US-based on-line magazine devoted exclusively to truck campers. Be warned though, it's sponsored entirely by the truck camper industry. Although it can be informative, particularly regarding industry news, forthcoming models, etc., you're not going to find hard-hitting, critical articles here. - also US-based and devoted exclusively to truck campers this blog/e-zine, hosted on the site, also carries some ads but seems to be less in the pocket of the manufacturers. - German blog/e-zine all about demountable campers, pickups, etc. Also has very active forums of people using, buying and building demountables, but only in German.

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There are surprisingly few websites that just offer information about demountables, most of them are trying to sell something. Those few that I've come across, and found interesting, are listed here, along with links to a couple of online magazines devoted to truck campers.

If you find dud links here or if you're aware of other stuff that should be included, please let me know.