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  Adventure Dismountable & 5th Wheel Club - a U.K. club which describes itself as being "for owners of all makes of dismountables and 5th wheelers". It doesn't seem to have a presence on the web but contact can apparently be made through - a club and website established in 2012. Although it aimed initially to provide a "meeting place" for owners of demountable campers in the UK, it no longer provides a forum other than through its Facebook page. - the latest attempt to establish a thriving uk-based forum, the Demountable Camper Group is a break-away from the Demountable Camper Club (above). It describes itself as "the demountable overland adventure camper forum" though threads on the forum do not indicate an exclusive interest in overland adventure. - Forum Cellules 4x4 is a French-language forum which according to its byline is dedicated to 4x4 campers, not exclusively demountables. Nonetheless, in practice the majority of the content does seem to deal with demountable campers and related issues.

  Homemade-Truck-Camper-Club - the Homemade Truck Camper Club is a Facebook community, established around the end of 2013 I think, describing itself as "a world-wide club for those who want to build their own truck campers". - website of INTCOA, the Australian wing of the International Truck Camper Owners Association which, despite its name, only exists in Australia and North America (see NATCOA below). - the Motorhome Facts website has all sorts of useful information and links as well as a number of forums covering many aspects of motorhoming. There is a sub-forum dedicated to demountables at but it seems to have been inactive since August 2013. - the MotorhomeFun website hosts a range of motorhome-oriented forums, although nothing specific to demountable campers. It does include a self-build sub-forum but it doesn't appear to be very active. - website of the North American Truck Camper Owners Association. - forum ranging over all sorts of issues related to motorcaravans generally and, very occasionally, to demountables specifically. - club for owners of all Island Plastics motorhomes, including the demountable Romahome and Suntrekker. - forum specifically for truck campers on the extensive website. - same forum as above but pages dedicated to members' photos. Pic's of every kind of truck camper you can think of although, sadly, with little European representation. - website of the RV Consumers Group, an influential non-profit organisation which has been campaigning for improvements in RV construction and safety for more than 20 years. It produces detailed and comprehensive ratings of virtually every RV, including truck campers built in the US since 2000. - the Self Build Motor Caravanners Club website has all sorts of potentially useful information for self-builders although I don't know whether any of its members has built a demountable. It also has a forum offering opportunities to make contact, exchange ideas and sort problems with other builders. - 'does what it says on the tin': it's a forum for campers that sit on trucks. - very active forums, hosted on the Wohnkabinen Magazin site (see factual sites and e-zines). They're only in German but cover all sorts of using, buying and building demountable campers of all sorts. Worth exploring with Google Translate.

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A list of online forums, groups and clubs that are either dedicated wholly to demountable campers, or have a section that deals with them. Their inclusion here does not imply any kind of recommendation.

If you find dud links here or if you're aware of other stuff that should be included, please let me know.