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Based in southern California, EZ-Lite manufacture pop-up and hardside campers and sell directly to the public. For 2014 they also have a camper available for rental, with or without a truck.
Californian Four Wheel Campers claim to build 'the ultimate pop up camper'. Their range of six models, all aluminium-framed and very low profile when the roof is down, certainly enjoy a high reputation among off-road enthusiasts.
In business since 1958, Hallmark manufacture glass-fibre skinned, pop-top campers. There are currently six different models. All with names drawn from mountainous parts of the world, they are aimed at the off-road, off-grid market.
Aimed at the luxury end of the market, Host RV's aluminium-framed truck campers come in five different hard-side models with single or double slide-outs.
With a 40% share of the North American market, Lance claims to make 'America's favorite campers'. Their 2014 range consists of eleven models, all hard-sided, seven of which have slide-outs.
The Quicksilver truck camper from Livin' Lite is at the minimal end of the spectrum when it comes to facilities and luxury but they also offer six models in the better-equipped Camplite range. Constructed largely of aluminium, including even the cabinets, they claim to be "ultra lightweight".
Northland, based in Idaho, produce three series of camper, the Polar, the Grizzly and the Yukon. All models are hardwall with a single slide-out. The website offers floorplans and lists of standard features and optional extras but only one photograph.
Northstar campers are made by R.C.Willett Co., Inc., 'The Truck Camper People', a specialist maufacturer. Their large range includes both hard-side and pop-top models. As well as building for the north American market, Northstar has representation in Australia, Argentina, the UK and several other European countries.
Northwood manufacture every conceivable size and type of RV including the Wolf Creek range (three models) and the Arctic Fox range (eight models) of truck campers.
Apex, Caribou, Caribou-Lite and Juno are all pop-up campers built by Outfitter Manufacturing, Colorado. They are each available in at least two sizes. The Juno claims to be "the only popup camper with a side door" and "with a rear tent room".
Manufacturer of two ranges of truck camper - Backpack Edition and Real-Lite - as well as fifthwheels and travel trailers. Both ranges include hard-side and pop-up models in numerous different floorplans.
Based in Vancouver, Washington, Panther Campers (part of Superior RV Manufacturing) produce only two standard models, the Cascade and the Sierra, though both are available in different sizes and floorplans. They also offer a custom-build service.
Based in Colorado and run by the same family that started Four Wheel Campers (see above) in the 1970s, Phoenix custom build pop-up campers. Campers are all built to order and are only available direct from the factory - Phoenix have no dealer network.
Kickin' Kampers used to have their own website promoting their 'Trail Dust' range of truck campers which, interestingly, had slide-out bathrooms. Back then (2012) there were photographs on the website but no floorplans. That site has now gone and the only mention of Kickin' Kampers is now on the RV Coachworks website where, bizarrely, there are now floorplans but no photographs!.
Not exclusively a demountable camper but Colorado-based Teal's innovative, modular design can be carried or it can be towed. It can also be taken apart for storage, be expanded by adding modules, or even be built as a shelter! What can't it do?!
Travel Lite, based in Elkhart, Indiana, the home of the US RV industry, produce a bewilderingly large range of demountable campers. There are currently fifteen different models, with thirty different floorplans, in both hard-side and pop-top format.
San Francisco-based XPCamper manufacture very stylish pop-up demountable campers suitable for the "overland adventurer". There are two models, the V2 and the V4, both built exclusively to order and both requiring a flatbed conversion of the pickup truck.

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North America, being the home of the truck camper, inevitably boasts a huge number of manufacturers of all sizes. The list on this page is almost certainly not comprehensive but I think includes most of the major manufacturers.

I try to check these links on a fairly regular basis but if you find dud links or if you are aware of major omissions, please let me know.